To register online, please fill out the form that appears at the bottom of this page. We strongly prefer online registration. You have until 11PM on Thursday, June 4, to complete the online process (but leave time for all parties to e-sign using email)! 

Rules: There are rules, and it is important that students and parents understand them and take them seriously. You can read the rules here

Costs: Donations can be made online on this website anytime, and there is a donation option during the second step of registration for parents of seniors so that both tasks can be accomplished at once. There is no set fee for graduating seniors because we don't want anyone to be excluded for financial reasons. Donate what you can, but try to donate something. Families that can afford to donate $50 are requested to do so, and families with greater means are asked to consider contributing a larger amount. Every year, a few generous families make large donations that help ensure that the event is available to everyone on a true sliding scale.

All guests are required to pay $35. Guest fees can be paid online while registering.

Anyone preferring to write a check rather than make an online payment send a check to: ARHS Project Graduation | 22 Eames Ave. | Amherst, MA  01002.

How Online Registration Works

  1. First you fill out the form below, which asks for very limited information: names and active email addresses for the graduating senior, their parent/guardian, and (if applicable) your guest and their parent/guardian.
  2. Once you have submitted the first form, each party will receive an email (usually within a few hours) with a link to a second form.
  3. Each party must provide more information and an electronic signature on the second form. The registration process won't be complete until all parties have submitted their second form!

If something does not work as you expect, please email us and explain what did or did not work for you:

If you already registered successfully without a guest and now you want to add a guest, do not fill out the form below. Instead CLICK HERE to go to a form that is specifically designed to add a guest without requiring you and your parent/guardian to repeat the confirmation process. Otherwise, fill out the form below:

If all signing parties do not have Internet/email access or you strongly prefer a paper form, you may print the Registration Form or obtain one at the ARHS office, fill it out (including obtaining parent and guest parent signatures), and return it (with guest payment if bringing a guest) to the office. The paper deadline is 3pm on Wednesday, June 3.