This year, new venue! While we appreciate the Mullins Center very much for hosting the party for the last few years, this year the event will be held at Hampshire Athletic Club, 90 Gatehouse Road in Amherst. Huge thanks to Scott and the HAC staff for making this possible! 

Project Graduation is a new name for what has been known as Senior Party since 1984. To mark the 30th anniversary and the community’s success in keeping our kids safe, we began using the name “Project Graduation” in 2013 to emphasize the community’s role and de-emphasize the “party,” But make no mistake, the event will remain as fun as ever!

Regardless of the name, the point has always been for parents and the entire community to celebrate the success of the graduating senior class at Amherst-Pelham Regional High School by sending them off to great things with a fun and safe night keeps them off the roads and enjoying a final night together as a class.

For more information on rules, deadlines, forms, and so on, click here.